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Search Tips

General Site Search

When using the primary search feature, which is available on's top navigation bar, you should enter a specific search term that is most relevant to the content you seek.  If your initial search is unsuccessful, try entering another similar search term, and be sure to check your spelling.

News Search

On the Fannie Mae News page, you are able to filter news search results based on your interest.  You can use the left navigation to choose a type of media (corporate news, financial news, statements or speeches).  You can also use the selection boxes at the top of the page to narrow your searches even further. 

Other Searches Available on

For News Releases

Media Search -- Search for Fannie Mae corporate and financial news releases, as well as statements and speeches. 

For Mortgage-Backed Securities

PoolTalk® -- Retrieve pool-level information on fixed-rate and adjustable-rate MBS, stripped MBS (SMBS), and Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (REMIC) securities.

For Debt Securities

Document Search -- Search for a particular Pricing Supplement or Reset Information.