Below you will find an archive of the Economic & Strategic Research Group's weekly snapshot of current macroeconomic and housing data.

Economic & Housing Weekly Note Archive

2019 (All files are PDF)  


04/12 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: Fed Reaffirms Patient Stance
  • Housing: Construction Hires Take a Hit
04/05 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: Solid Job Gains Soothe Recession Fears
  • Housing: Affordability Continues to Improve


03/29 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: Measures of Inflation Slow
  • Housing: New Home Sales Strength Continues
03/22 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: Fed's Dot Plot Implies No Hikes in 2019
  • Housing: Existing Home Sales Surge
03/15 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: Retail Sales Rise as Inflation Slows
  • Housing: Bleak Outlook for Q1 Residential Investment
03/08 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: Big Drop in Job Growth, but Other Labor Market Measures Look Solid
  • Housing: A Bullish Start for Homebuilding
03/01 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: Consumer Spending Loses Steam at Year End
  • Housing: Homeownership Rate Hits Four-Year High


02/22 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: Fed's Dovishness Continues as it Sees Growing Downside Risks
  • Housing: Existing Home Sales Start 2019 on a Sour Note
02/15 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: Retail Sales Take a Hit
  • Housing: Construction Job Openings Overtake Hires
02/08 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: The Narrowing Trade Gap Bodes Well for Q4 Economic Growth
  • Housing: Home Price Growth at Slowest Pace in Six Years
02/01 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: The Fed Pledges to be Patient with Rate Hikes
  • Housing: Home Sales Up amid Weak Data Elsewhere


01/25 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: Continued Labor Market Strength amid Softening Growth Outlook
  • Housing: Despite a Disappointing 2018, There Is Hope for Existing Home Sales This Year
01/18 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: Consumers Feel Blue at the Start of the Year
  • Housing: Declining Mortgage Rates Boost Builders' Confidence and Mortgage Demand
01/11 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: Softer Inflation and a More Dovish Fed
  • Housing: Mortgage Demand Starts 2019 With a Bang
01/04 Weekly Note  
  • Economics: Stellar Jobs Report Soothes Recession Fears
  • Housing: Home Price Growth Decelerates to Slowest Pace in Over Three Years
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