MBS General Word Search

With the implementation of the Single Security Initiative, the functionality on this webpage will no longer be available. This webpage will be removed approximately 3 months after the implementation.

The General Word Search allows users to locate REMIC Prospectus Supplements and SMBS Prospectus Supplements/Preliminary Data Statements by keyword. Follow these instructions to locate your documents:

1. Select either REMIC Prospectus Supplements, SMBS Prospectus Supplements/Preliminary Data Statements, or All Documents from the "Document Type" drop-down menu.

2. In the "General Word Search" field, type in the keyword for the document type you wish to locate. For example, you may enter a specific CUSIP number to narrow search results or you may enter the word “REMIC” to retrieve a more general population.

3. Select the "Submit" option. You will receive the documents that correlate to the keyword provided.

4. To search on additional words, select the "Back" button on your browser, or bookmark this page for future searches.

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