Final Data Statement Supplements for Multifamily Megas

Final Data Statement Supplements for Multifamily Megas
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The Multifamily Mega Final Data Statement Supplements are text-formatted files (.TXT) that contain additional information for Fannie Mae's Multifamily Megas. The files are available on or about the settlement date.

  • There may be instances where Current Weighted Average Loan Age is unavailable.
  • When a previously issued Multifamily Mega is collateral for the new Mega, only a subset of the pool-level data attributes is available.
FN0036Supp.txt FN0035Supp.txt FN0034Supp.txt
FN0033Supp.txt FN0032Supp.txt FN0031Supp.txt
FN0030Supp.txt FN0029Supp.txt FN0028Supp.txt
FN0027Supp.txt FN0026Supp.txt AL6612Supp.txt
AL6604Supp.txt AL6601Supp.txt AL6597Supp.txt
AL6596Supp.txt AL6579Supp.txt AL6578Supp.txt
AL6577Supp.txt AL6576Supp.txt AL6575Supp.txt
AL6574Supp.txt AL6573Supp.txt AL6572Supp.txt
AL6546Supp.txt AL6489Supp.txt AL6466Supp.txt
AL6465Supp.txt AL6455Supp.txt AL6445Supp.txt
AL6435Supp.txt AL6427Supp.txt AL6426Supp.txt
AL6416Supp.txt AL6415Supp.txt AL6414Supp.txt
AL6385Supp.txt AL6260Supp.txt AL6231Supp.txt
AL6209Supp.txt AL6171Supp.txt AL6165Supp.txt
AL6164Supp.txt AL6163Supp.txt AL6162Supp.txt
AL6160Supp.txt AL6137Supp.txt AL6112Supp.txt
AL6050Supp.txt AL6028Supp.txt AL5929Supp.txt
AL5868Supp.txt AL5866Supp.txt AL5739Supp.txt
AL5722Supp.txt AL5646Supp.txt AL5635Supp.txt
AL5629Supp.txt AL5600Supp.txt AL5599Supp.txt
AL5584Supp.txt AL5561Supp.txt AL5493Supp.txt
AL5461Supp.txt AL5444Supp.txt AL5405Supp.txt
AL5404Supp.txt AL5403Supp.txt AL5402Supp.txt
AL5262Supp.txt AL5221Supp.txt AL5220Supp.txt
AL5164Supp.txt AL5153Supp.txt AL5079Supp.txt
AL5061Supp.txt AL5007Supp.txt AL5006Supp.txt
AL5004Supp.txt AL4900Supp.txt AL4896Supp.txt
AL4786Supp.txt AL4762Supp.txt AL4705Supp.txt
AL4701Supp.txt AL4609Supp.txt AL4551Supp.txt
AL4484Supp.txt AL4294Supp.txt AL4291Supp.txt
AL4259Supp.txt AL4208Supp.txt AL4207Supp.txt
AL4179Supp.txt AL4177Supp.txt AL4156Supp.txt
AL4155Supp.txt AL4105Supp.txt AL3911Supp.txt
AL3876Supp.txt AL3755Supp.txt AL3732Supp.txt
AL3599Supp.txt AL3594Supp.txt AL3562Supp.txt
AL3495Supp.txt AL3421Supp.txt AL3400Supp.txt
AL3382Supp.txt AL3366Supp.txt AL3354Supp.txt
AL3306Supp.txt AL3251Supp.txt AL3196Supp.txt
AL3168Supp.txt AL3128Supp.txt AL3030Supp.txt
AL3018Supp.txt AL2965Supp.txt AL2793Supp.txt
AL2750Supp.txt AL2722Supp.txt AL2711Supp.txt
AL2700Supp.txt AL2674Supp.txt AL2669Supp.txt
AL2660Supp.txt AL2615Supp.txt AL2602Supp.txt
AL2500Supp.txt AL2293Supp.txt AL2239Supp.txt
AL2206Supp.txt AL2044Supp.txt AL1983Supp.txt
AL1952Supp.txt AL1848Supp.txt AL1692Supp.txt
AL1684Supp.txt AL1680Supp.txt AL1677Supp.txt
AL1624Supp.txt AL1598Supp.txt AL1550Supp.txt
AL1549Supp.txt AL1463Supp.txt AL1445Supp.txt
AL1384Supp.txt AL1353Supp.txt AL1344Supp.txt

Originally Published: March 13, 2013