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PoolTalk to be Single Repository for Fannie Mae MBS Data as NIPS, NILCS, and PDD Webpages will be Retired in July 2012

On Friday, July 20, 2012, Fannie Mae will retire the New Issues Pool Statistics webpage, the New Issues Loan and Collateral Statement webpage, and the Pool Data Direct webpage.  

Please use the new PoolTalk® application to access these files:

  • The New Issues Pool Statistics (NIPS) files and the New Issues Loan and Collateral Statement (NILCS) files reside under the New Issues Statistics tab
  • The Pool Data Direct files reside under the Monthly Reporting Files tab

There is a slight difference between the Interest Only Disclosure file in Pool Data Direct and the Interest Only Disclosure file in PoolTalk.  The Pool Data Direct Interest Only Disclosure file is reported on one continuous line (all records) and the PoolTalk Interest Only Disclosure file has a line return at the 61st character on each line.  Consumers of this file will need to adjust their systems to accommodate the line return.

All of the other files in PoolTalk are identical to the files accessible in Pool Data Direct:

  • MBS StatsTM
  • Fixed-Rate Quartile File
  • ARM StatsTM
  • GEO StatsTM
  • Adjustable-Rate Quartile File
  • Supplemental File
  • DMBS StatsTM
  • Actual/360 Fixed-Rate Mega and Actual/360 ARM MBS File

A complete list of these file layouts and sample files is available in PoolTalk.

For questions, please contact the Fannie Mae Fixed-Income Investor Helpline at 1-800-237-8627 or via email.


Originally published: 06/21/12