Fannie Mae to Provide Single-Family MBS Loan-Level Disclosure in 2012

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Fannie Mae to Provide Single-Family MBS Loan-Level Disclosure in 2012

Beginning in the first quarter of 2012, Fannie Mae will start disclosing loan-level data for its Single-Family MBS. The first release will provide at issuance loan-level data for newly issued Single-Family MBS. Subsequent releases aim to enhance the at issuance file by including additional data elements and to provide updated loan-level data on a monthly basis. Release dates for each phase will be announced closer to their implementation date. 

Release summary:

The first release will provide:

  • Downloadable loan-level data files for newly issued Single-Family MBS, published in the New Issues Statistics Tab in PoolTalk®

In subsequent releases, we expect to be able to provide:

  • Additional data elements in the loan-level at issuance file
  • Monthly updates to the loan-level data

The file format for the initial loan-level disclosure is provided for reference.

These loan-level data files will be hosted on an enhanced version of PoolTalk, our online disclosure application. The roll-out of our enhanced PoolTalk will coincide with the release of the at issuance loan-level disclosure in the first quarter of 2012.  The new version of PoolTalk will enhance the user experience for accessing disclosure data on the Fannie Mae website by:

  • allowing users to view data on a specific pool or deal through an easy to use tabular interface,

  • providing a portfolio capability whereby registered users will be able to view and monitor data for their selected securities at a glance, and

  • consolidating numerous files and documents into one location.  

Users will be able to access the following files and documents within the new version of PoolTalk:

Daily Issuance Files


  • New Issues Pool Statistics (NIPS)
  • New Issue Loan Collateral Statement (NILCS)
  • Loan-Level Disclosure Files

Monthly Statistical Files


  • Actual / 360
  • ARM Stats
  • Adjustable-Rate Quartile
  • DMBS Stats
  • Fixed Rate Quartile
  • GEO Stats
  • Interest Only
  • MBS Stats
  • Supplemental

MBS-Related Documents

  • Trust Documents, Prospectus & Prospectus Supplements

For questions, please contact the Fannie Mae Fixed-Income Investor Helpline at 1-800-237-8627 or via email.

Page originally published: 01/03/12