Marketplace Liquidity

Marketplace Liquidity

Fannie Mae exists to provide large-scale access to affordable mortgage credit in all communities across the country at all times so people can buy, refinance, or rent a home.

From January 1, 2009 through March 31, 2014, we provided more than $4.1 trillion in liquidity. We are working to establish and implement industry standards, develop better tools to price and manage credit risk, build new infrastructure to ensure a liquid and efficient market, and facilitate the collection and reporting of data for accurate financial reporting and improved risk management.

What Lenders Say About Fannie Mae
“Small businesses like mine are those that employ locally, that continue to pay taxes, continue to eke out a living...We know Fannie Mae has made us a priority. They go above and beyond in involving us in events, in information distribution so that we can grow our business soundly and responsibly.” -- Chris George, Founder and President, CMG Mortgage, San Ramon, CA