Required Documents for Repair Contractor Registration

Required Documents for Repair Contractor Registration

Assemble the following required documents and information before you begin to register. Our registration process requires that you upload the following documents:

  • Completed W-9 form.
  • Insurance certificate(s).
  • Legal company name.
  • Federal Tax Identification Number or Employee Identification Number (EIN).
  • Full contact information for the primary vendor contact, and ordering and payment remit-to addresses.
  • Third-party diversity certificates (if applicable).
  • Certificate of membership to a professional organization (optional).
  • Contractor's license (as required by local ordinances).

 The following questions are on the registration form. You may wish to gather in advance the information you need to respond to these questions so you can complete the registration in a timely manner.

  • Have you ever been a Fannie Mae vendor?
  • If you answered yes to the above question, please provide your Fannie Mae vendor number and the last date on which work was performed.
  • Is your specialty new construction or rehab?
  • Is there anyone at your company who is, or is affiliated with, a current Fannie Mae employee or board member? If so, please provide the name, title, and dates of employment of the Fannie Mae employee. If they are affiliated with a Fannie Mae employee, provide the manner of association (e.g., sister, business partner) to the employee, and the name and title of the person associated with the Fannie Mae employee.
  • Provide references for three of your company’s customers who currently receive similar goods and/or services from you as those you propose to provide to Fannie Mae.  
  • Please provide credit references (i.e., company name, name of contact, phone number).

 Access registration instructions.